(Press Release) E-WASTE to E-PLAY – Vista High School


For Immediate Release:


Help Support Your Local Vista High School Band and Pageantry Boosters
And Enter For a Chance to WIN a FREE Playstation 3


Drop off your old working or non-working Televisions, Computer Monitors, LCDs, and Laptops for the E-WASTE to E-PLAY Promotional Giveaway.  (For complete details on qualified items and entry rules, please visit or call 888.330.8088)


Feb 12th 2013, City of Industry – This Saturday & Sunday, February, 23 & 24, 2013 from 9am to 4pm, the Vista High School Band and Pageantry is hosting a FREE electronic waste [E-Waste] “E-WASTE to E-PLAY” collection event at Vista High School (Parking Lot).  The event is located at:


Vista High School (Parking Lot)
1 Panther Way,
Vista, California, 92084


“This free event is a wonderful story of a ‘Win-Win-Win’ situation,” says the Happy Recyclers™ Team. “The City of Vista wins by reducing illegal dumping and a cleaner city environment, the School wins by educating their students about proper E-Waste disposal methods, while earning funds for the Vista High School Band and Pageantry, and participants win by reducing their E-Waste clutter cleanly, freely, and safely. Plus, a shot at a free PlayStation 3 system is pretty neat.”


The two day event is an effort to provide the city residents and businesses an opportunity to properly dispose of their unwanted and obsolete electronic products, while helping reduce E-Waste in our city, landfills and high-desserts.  The event also helps minimize and save natural resources from being further excavated through the reuse of the recovered materials.  More importantly, the effort helps reduce variant toxins (i.e. mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) present in E-Waste from reaching the landfills, and contaminating our soil, water, and environment.


Additionally, this event will help support the students to continue their growth in music education despite district budget cuts. Many theorists and researches have published studies showing that students who participate in musical studies tend to excel in scholastic studies. The College Board, a national organization responsible for the yearly SAT Test reported that: “SAT scores of students who took part in music instruction surpassed students with no music training. Data collected from students taking the SAT, indicated that students taking music and arts averaged scores that were higher than non-music students by 60 points on the verbal section and 43 points on the math section.


The data revealed that for every year a student participated in music instruction, their SAT scores improved. Students with four or more years of music study received an average score of about 544 as opposed to a score just above 482 for those with half of at least one semester of music instruction, thus showing a strong correlation between music and academic success.” 1


If you have any unwanted or obsolete E-Waste (working or non-working) bring them to this event to show your support towards a cleaner environment, and the continue survival of the Vista High Band and Pageantry.  The event also accepts all charitable contributions and donations.  All contributions and donations will go towards the support of the Boosters.




If you’d like more information on this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Happy Recyclers, please feel free to call Paul-long Lee at (888) 330-8088, or email Paul at  Thank you for your time and consideration.


 1   Source: The College Board, Profile of College- Bound Seniors National Report for 2001

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