Common toxins in e-waste are very bad for our overall health. For example, Arsenic which can be found in circuit boards, LCD displays, and computer chips causes various skin diseases, lung cancer, etc. and Sulphur causes liver damage, kidney and heart damage, eye and throat irritation. Barium, which is found in sparkplugs, fluorescent lamps, and vacuum tubes causes brain swelling, muscle weakness; heart, liver and spleen damage, increases blood pressure, and it changes the heart rate when ingested. Cadmium, found in batteries, causes severe damage to the lungs when inhaled, kidney damage, and it is associated with deficits in cognition, learning, behavior, and neuromotor skills in children. Lead, found in CRT monitors and lead-acid batteries, causes impaired cognitive function, behavioral disturbances, attention deficits, hyperactivity, and lowers IQ. Mercury, found in fluorescent tubes, tilt switches, and flat screen monitors; causes sensory impairment, dermatitis, memory loss, muscle weakness, and deficits attention and verbal development. Sulphur, found in lead-acid batteries, causes liver damage, kidney damage, heart damage, eye and throat irritation. Lithium, found in heat-resistant glass and lithium batteries, causes corrosive when in contact with skin, irritates the nose and throat when inhaled, and can lead to pulmonary edema.


These toxins are also detrimental to our environment. Arsenic can create sulfuric acid when released in the environment. Barium forms poisonous oxides when in contact with air. Sulphur creates sulfuric acid when released into the environment.

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