In the state of California, disposing e-waste such as, computers, monitors, televisions, and other electronic equipment alongside regular garbage is not permitted. They should be reduced, reused and recycled.

Reduce: Keep functioning items longer instead by upgrading less frequently.

Reuse: Donate working items that are no longer wanted to others.

Recycle: Working with Happy Recyclers ensures proper recycling of items, thus helping the environment.

Happy Recyclers

Since its establishment in 2006, Happy Recyclers has helped divert over 5 million pounds of materials from landfill by performing unparalleled material recovery, re-marketing  and recycling tasks. 


Email: simon@tycoonmaterialsinc.com

Phone: 909-438-3850

Address: 8401 Slauson Ave  | Pico Rivera,  CA 90660

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