Happy Recyclers is equipped with state-of-the-art recycling processes and capabilities.

We take pride in our achievements and accomplishments


Over 5 million pounds of materials diverted from landfills

Optimal Value

Achieve over 98% recycling rate and optimal material recovery value

Electronic Safety

Secure data destruction, physical storage device destruction ensures data will never fall in the wrong hands

Always Protected

100% responsibility for our customer’s legal exposure to the disposition of their electronic waste

If your organization needs proper recycling services and capabilities, please contact us!

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Happy Recyclers

Since its establishment in 2006, Happy Recyclers has helped divert over 5 million pounds of materials from landfill by performing unparalleled material recovery, re-marketing  and recycling tasks. 



Phone: 888-330-8088

Address: 9940 Bell Ranch Dr. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670